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Our mission at Strom and Associates is to provide you with pharmacy expert consulting on your clinical, regulatory and operational pharmacy, and medication related issues.

Strom and Associates services include expert witness services, pharmacy regulatory compliance assessments, pharmacy operations reviews, pharmacy probation monitoring, and new and remodel pharmacy construction consulting.

Holly Strom RPh, Strom and Associates co-founder, found that she had a skill for identifying talent in the pharmacy industry. Early on, she realized that to create a truly comprehensive practice, the team would have to consist of the most experienced and ethical pharmacists and attorneys in the field. Holly has decades of experience, in a wide variety of pharmacy practice settings. In addition, she has served as a member and President of the California State Board of Pharmacy. Given her experience and knowledge, she has enlisted colleagues and mentors who share her vision for a unique and all-encompassing pharmacy practice.

Strom and Associates - Pharmacy Expert Consulting


Expert Pharmacy Consulting

Strom and Associates provides expert pharmacy consulting. Given today’s issues, the opioid crisis, patient privacy concerns, regulatory scrutiny of sterile compounding pharmacies, increasing liability for expanded scope of practice, and controlled drug thefts/shortages, the widely experienced team at Strom & Associates is equipped to assist your organization to confront these matters head-on, and to provide appropriate care for your patients. Therefore, whether you are facing a regulatory or civil action and need an expert witness, or you are looking to make changes in your business practices, Strom & Associates will provide the appropriate expertise for the challenges you are facing.

Pharmacy Expert Consulting

A Vast Range of Experience

Pharmacy Expert Consulting

Pharmacy Expert Consulting on:

  • Managed care and integrated health systems,
  • California Board of Pharmacy administrative procedures,
  • Opiate abuse and corresponding responsibility, including wrongful death due to opiate and drug misuse,
  • Patient counseling,
  • Pharmacy requirements in long term care (skilled nursing facilities) and assisted living,
  • Expanded scope of practice,
  • Dispensing errors and medication adverse events, and
  • MediCal and Medicare provider issues.

Additional Pharmacy Expert Consulting on:

  • Formularies,
  • DEA actions and policies,
  • Pharmaceutical contracting and procurement,
  • Centralized sterile compounding facilities management,
  • Wholesaler operations management,
  • Formulary management and academic detailing;Pharmacy inspections,
  • Controlled drug shortages and inventory reconciliation,
  • Acute care hospital pharmacy,
  • Biopharmaceutical research and manufacturing,
  • and MUCH MORE.


“Strom & Associates provided outstanding assistance with our case; their recommended expert was engaging, highly prepared, and very helpful in presenting our client’s case to the Board of Pharmacy. I believe that your expert demonstrably helped get our case resolved without a hearing.  I’d be happy to work with them again.”

Jonathan Allan Klein, Esq., Klein, Hockel, Iezza & Patel, P.C., San Francisco

“…Your analysis and expertise was fundamental in bringing about an excellent result on behalf of our client.  The subject matter was complex but you had the unique ability to explain the medicine and pharmacokinetics in a very lucid way that a jury would understand…” 

Theodore D. Poppinga, Schuering Zimmerman & Doyle, LLP